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Vesta Business Studios offers complete assistance in helping your company to become a big brand. we extend our service in Pune. We minutely understand your business from all the parameters. We follow the zero-based thinking approach for your business and start developing your brand from that basic stage. We follow various approaches to make sure that your product creates a special identity of itself.

We help you in the following ways:

segmentation, specialization, differentiation, and concentration of your product.

Segmentation is selecting the target audience for your product sales based on the demographics and psychographics of the customers.

Specialization is making a service or feature work best as compared to your competitors.

Differentiation is making a strong unique selling proposition for your company.

Concentration is using all resources to market your specialization and USP.

Market category

We help in creating a new market category for your product. This is very essential. We help you to be the leader in that new category and hence create a first-mover advantage for you.

Brand story

We create a nice brand story for your product which is very essential in branding. People remember your product story more than your product. A nice brand story helps create better recall value for your business.

Market positioning

We help you develop a market position for your product as per the market trends. When we say Maggi, we immediately remember 2 minutes of snacks. That’s the power of market positioning.

Growth hacking strategy

With proper market research, we help you in making various growth hacking strategies.

We also help in persona building, empathy creation, idea generation, product development, and product launch.

This is the brand development consultancy in Pune that helps in the overall life cycle management of your product.

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