Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important To Your Business

why customer feedback is important

You likely engage with clients or operate your own business and are interested in the potential necessity of gathering their thoughts if you stumble onto this post. Do your clients have any important information to share with you? Anyone who owns their own business knows how important it is to listen to and meet the […]

The Art of A/B Testing in Marketing: A Guide for Startups and Small Businesses

The Art of A/B Testing

Introduction Story of Prabhash Prabhash, the founder of a small e-commerce startup, sat at his desk, frustration rising. Despite all the best efforts he gives for his business, his marketing campaigns were underperforming. He tried different strategies, branding stories, and creative advertisements, but nothing worked. One day, during a casual conversation with a fellow entrepreneur, […]

Role of Emotional Analytics in Consumer Research

Emotional Analytics, Consumer Research

The way we study and quantify what drives people needs to change if marketers are going to succeed. Today, marketers mostly use measures that assess left-brained thinking, or the rational part of the brain. The question of why people buy something, whether they enjoyed an advertisement, or how they would allocate their budget comes up […]

Understanding Primary vs. Secondary Market Research

Primary vs. Secondary Market Research

The foundation of any good marketing plan has always been research into the target audience. Here is where the significance of thorough market research becomes apparent. You need to understand your target market’s tastes and habits if you want your goods and services to sell well. Doing market research offers you the lowdown on your […]

4 Ways Your Branding Is Limiting Your Company’s Potential

4 Ways Your Branding Is Limiting Your Company's Potential

When your target audience compares your Canva-made brand to another company’s well-planned and outstanding brand experience, they will always choose the latter since it feels more secure. Here are four ways your DIY branding is holding your company back, along with some suggestions on how to fix it. Why Your Brand Matters 1. Your DIY […]

Evolution Of Business Model In Digital Age

Evolution Of Business Model In Digital Age

Introduction The evolution of business models in the digital age is paramount, reshaping how companies operate and engage with consumers. Embracing digital transformation ensures adaptability, global reach, and the ability to leverage innovative technologies, fostering growth and competitiveness in an ever-changing landscape. In the dynamic landscape of the digital age, business model evolution is driven […]