4 Ways Your Branding Is Limiting Your Company’s Potential

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When your target audience compares your Canva-made brand to another company’s well-planned and outstanding brand experience, they will always choose the latter since it feels more secure. Here are four ways your DIY branding is holding your company back, along with some suggestions on how to fix it.

Why Your Brand Matters

1. Your DIY branding tarnishes your credibility

You want to make a good impression right from the off. The bad news is that do-it-yourself branding can only do two things:

  • It gives the impression that you’re not very experienced because your audience assumes you’re just starting off. or
  • Knowing you’ve been in the business for a while gives the impression that you aren’t confident or that you don’t take your business seriously.

Your value is diminished in each of these cases. In years three, four, or five, if a company presents itself as a smaller, more generic version of its true self, there is merit to it.

This is not to suggest that the company is unqualified; rather, they are passing up lucrative opportunities. The benefits of creating a unique brand are many, and you can rest easy knowing that the investment will pay off.

2. A do-it-yourself brand minimizes your prices

Concerning the topic of unrealized profits, a do-it-yourself brand limits both your perceived value and the amount customers are willing to pay. There’s more to it than that. Many company owners we have talked to have an unflattering brand identity, which makes them feel like they need to lower their prices. Even worse, they have prospective customers who directly approach them and ask for a discount.

Envision yourself as a part of a professionally designed brand experience that has been strategically crafted with deliberate design choices that accomplish goals, convey stories, and stand out as uniquely yours.

3. Potential clients are confused because of your inconsistent brand experience

There is no emotional investment when you create your own brand solely to provide your startup with a visual identity. After a while, you’ll become tired of the Canva brand you made and start “enhancing” it by changing the fonts and colors.

This discrepancy can cause a prospective customer to have second thoughts. It gives the impression of being careless, and you would be mistaken to believe that no one notices. Customers nowadays are smart because brands are constantly on their faces. Prove to your next client that they made a good investment in you. Those particulars can be the determining factor in their decision between your company and another.

The strength of your brand identity has a significant impact on attracting ideal clients who are prepared to pay top dollar to work with you rather than one of your rivals.

4. A Way to Reduce Your Dependence on Referrals for New Clients

Best of luck with the word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers who have already used your services. They are the best in the business; don’t believe what you see; they are bigger than you think.

It is possible to attract, connect, and book new clients more organically with a really bespoke brand experience, rather than relying just on referrals.

In the past, we’ve had clients who proudly shared the stories of how their pupils and clients have credited their brand with attracting them and giving them the confidence to spend. Alternatively, they may claim that their leads were so impressed by the high quality of their offer packaging that they decided to become paying customers.

No one needs to take a stand for you. Nothing more than a brand name that expresses your genuine worth. Simply by being.

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A DIY Brand Retirement Date

While we completely support a do-it-yourself approach, the reality is that your Canva-created DIY brand, however, was always intended to serve as a temporary fix.

When you’re running a business, there comes a point when you know for sure that you’re here for the long run. You should put money into your business to make it stand out. Our brand promises to be authentic and to provide you with more than you could have imagined.


Embrace the next chapter of pride and profitability by putting the DIY brand to rest. In this crucial rebranding process, VESTA BUSINESS STUDIOS is here to lend you a hand. Come on a free brand realignment call with us and find out how polished brand identity can turn you into your clients’ go-to choice time and time again.